We not only successfully grow and export snails but also teach this to everyone
Our course fully covers
growing technologies
preparation of design estimates
work with documents on the farm

We guarantee further assistance in sale your products on terms favorable to you!

You will receive a full amount of information about the features of the business and the technology for growing snails.
The possibility of further information and technological support.
The combination of theory and practice. And, as a bonus, an author’s training manual – so that valuable information is always accessible.
Special offers for the acquisition of broodstock and young snails.
More about what is included in the training course from the Agroravlyk farm
  • calculation of farm estimate
  • types of activity registration
  • maintaining documentation and acts
  • conducting the necessary research
  • keeping records of technological processes
  • feed calculation
  • internal control systems
  • implementation of corrective measures
  • staff training
  • selection of planned and unscheduled samples
  • control of medical examination of personnel
  • activity support programs
  • marketing of their products
  • technology organization support
  • stages of feeding snails
  • incubation processes
  • storage conditions
  • conditions for eviction on the field after incubation
  • conditions of confinement
  • collection conditions at different stages
  • storage conditions in refrigerators
  • transportation conditions
  • microclimatic conditions
  • legal requirements for farms
  • soil preparation
  • water treatment according to the regulations
  • the main factors of successful growth
  • general hygiene requirements
  • implementation of methods

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